• Registered on 8.12.2000 at the request of some practitioners following the meeting the MIA president then.
  • Wholly independent association whose members are SMPs categories.
  • Our member firms provide high quality, personal and professional services at reasonable fee.
  • Our members can be found in every major cities and town in Malaysia.
  • Our member firms have taken professional indemnity insurance.


  • There is a need to encourage, promote and protect the members including to having the succession planning.
  • Provide a platform to make voice heard by authorities and public.
  • Platform to promote and encourage accountancy as a career.
  • To offer wide choices to potential accountants to choose from the firms for articleship.

What have we done

  • The government granted training and software grants for the members.
  • Provided training places for those serving articleship for professional examination.
  • Recognized as pressure group in any of the government proposed scheme for accountants.
  • A partners of certain authorities in implementing certain government policy eg GST, income tax etc
  • Representing a government in the MIA council.
  • Obtained financial assistance from MARA for graduates working in our member firms to study for professional examinations.
  • AMCAF is promoting Association of International Accountants, United Kingdom global accountancy body. (application form for membership)

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